Here’s What I Think About Bullying by Gaye Crispin

Gaye Crispin's Blog

Bullying is a form of arrested development, and the people who prop up, support and do the bidding of bullies need to grow up, grow a heart, and stop supporting and encouraging bullies. 

I judge bully supporters and bully cheer-squads to be peas from the same bully pod. Bully supporters are just bullies who like to watch. These are the bullies we see cheering from the side-lines, goading the bully into a greater frenzy, and experiencing  a huge ‘rush’ when their aggressive bully partner strikes a blow for Bullydom.

Then there are the passive followers who chose to run with bully packs to feel safe & protected in this ‘big scary world.’ I feel sorry for these people because  it’s only a matter of time  before the bully despises their weakness and turns on them.

Recently nearly a dozen people I know on have Facebook have been bullied in one…

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