a walk by Swan River on a sunny winter day

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We tried the loop around the Causeway and the Narrows along Swan River recently. It was our second attempt at the 10 km walk. We were not sure which path to follow as there is some construction works being done around the Mend Street Jetty area currently. It took us about 2 hours but phew, what a walk!

Walking on a sunny day in winter is a great experience. The air is cool though the sun beats down on you. You could also feel the cool breeze gently caressing your cheeks and bare arms.

It is especially memorable when you get to watch dogs, birds, plants and even dolphins along the way (besides all the other “walkers” of course). They simply come alive on sunny days!

winter1_isc_0814 view of the city of Perth from South Perth’s foreshore


a little park with a small bridge, near the Narrows

winterwalk6_isc_0814Mend Street Jetty


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